Teaching /Learning Materials

Teaching /Learning Materials

List of Teaching/ Learning materials produced as on 14 January 2018


•These Multimedia Materials are in the form of self-learning packages and are intended for use as additional resource for interactive sessions engaged as part of Extension Work.

•Please note that presentations are made only for educational institutions who make specific request by email cpteach@rediffmail.com

•The teaching/learning materials mentioned below are not for sale.


A. Edutainment
C. Education
D. Sociology of Education
E. Multimedia materials for Lecture
F. Miscellaneous

A. Edutainment

1. Creativity 395 MB
2. Life Skills 698 MB
3. Soft Skills 441 MB
4. Presentation Skills 459 MB
5. Tips for Communicating Effectively 158 MB
6. Pedagogic Grooming Through the Movies 427 MB


1. ELT Tasks
a. Identifying message of cartoons 270 KB
b. Vocabulary Enrichment 1930 KB
c. Linguistic Tasks using Paintings 7.78 MB
d. Linguistic Exercises with Key 1.40 MB
e. Mixed ELT Tasks 6.57 KB
f. Say what preceded/ followed 2.96 MB
g. Caption writing 2.02 MB
h. Compare and Contrast 3244 KB
i. Complete the sentence 2080 KB
j. Fill in the Bubble 864 KB
k. Grammar Practice With Visuals 3228 KB
l. Guess What 4123 KB
m. Issue Based comments 704 KB
n. Misnomers 3839 KB
o. Image – caption matching I 496 KB
p. Image–caption matching II 1467 KB
q. Visual–based Writing Tasks 5.26MB
r. Thirty seconds speaking task 2.97 MB

2. Language Functions 3.93 MB
3. Fostering Arguments 19.5 MB
4. Tasks Using Film Clips 4.84 MB
5. Vicarious experience (Seasons) 4.27 MB
6. PPt Based on Kerala English Reader 28.5 MB
7. PPt on Proverbs, Similes, Idioms 1.15MB
8. Computer Assisted Lesson : Poem 50.2MB
9. ELT…A Bird’s Eye view 324 MB
10. Classroom Activities for ELT 305 MB
11.Introduction to Language Lab 154 MB
12. Building Vocabulary using Language Lab 6.80 MB
13. Tasks for Appreciating Poems 28.7 MB
14. Thinking Skills in ELT

Thinking in ELT 391 KB
Tasks for Thinking in ELT 329 KB
ELT Tasks for Creative Thinking 302 KB
ELT Tasks for Critical Thinking 1.37 MB
ELT Tasks for Problem Solving 671 KB

15. Discourse Starters
Essay Writing 1.78 MB
Letter Writing 237 KB
Debate 436 KB
Dialogue Writing 567 KB
Collaborative Work 3.40 MB

16. Writing and Creative Thinking 46.5 MB

17. Innovations in ELT 37.3 MB

18. Nonverbal Communication 84.8 MB

19. Role Play 16.3 MB

20. ICT as a tool for ELT 1.32 GB

21. English for Scientists 150 MB
Introduction 2.94 MB
Language: Science and Arts 46.1 MB
English Language Skills 73.7 MB
Communication 27.2 MB
Conclusion 286 KB

22.Teacher-made resources 0.97 GB

1. Teaching about Seasons 45.9 MB
2.Language generation using films 80.6 MB
3.Tasks using visuals 27.9 MB
4. Teaching Poems 423 MB
5. Teaching Grammar 350 MB
6. Teaching vocabulary 5.33 MB
7. An innovative use of ICT tools 71.9MB

23.Online and market resources available 351MB

1.Digital Language Lab-142 MB
2.Blogs by teachers of English747 KB
3.Twitter for ELT 858 KB
4.Networking of teachers 409 KB
5.MP3 audio available online 1.91MB
6.Video’s available online 73.7MB
7.Market resources 127 MB

24.Demo of e-learning activity 96.4 MB

25.Tasks with visuals 3.74 MB

26.Visual –based tasks for kids 2.62 MB

27.Orientation to English Language Education 396 MB

28.Innovations in  the ELT Classroom 208 MB

29.Fill in the speech bubble 1.16.MB

30.Identify common theme 387 KB

31.Constructivist Pedagogy for Tertiary Level  131 MB

32. ICT resources for Communicative Language Functions

33. Teacher-made  resources  for use in the Language Lab

34.Expository writing 31.4.MB

35.Grammar without  tears 23.2.MB

36.Innovative film-based task 66.4 MB

37.Innovative classroom devices  19.6 MB

C. Education

1. Thinking 107 MB

2. Higher Order Thinking Skills
•Creative Thinking 97.0 MB
•Critical Thinking 159 MB
•Problem-Solving 50.6 MB

3. Reasoning 77.4 MB
•Tasks For Pruning Reasoning 818 KB

4. Models of Teaching 390 MB

•Information Processing Family of Models 522KB
•Concept Attainment model 42.7 MB
•Inquiry Training Model 87.6 MB
•Mnemonics 111 MB
•Advance Organizer 523 KB
•Synectics 18.0 MB
•Biological Science inquiry 107MB

5. Creative Tasks for Literature Students 72.1MB

•Creative Thinking for Literature Students 21.8MB
•Creativity Exercises 9.06MB
•Guess the original reference 1.64MB
•Writing Creatively 443KB
•Pruning Visualization 2.68MB
•Original Lines for rewriting 28.5KB
•Forcing Connections 5.80 MB
•Creative ad 12.2MB
•Advertisement-based Tasks 18.3MB
•Creative thinking exercise for Litt. students 103 KB

6. Gagne’s Hierarchy of Learning 61.1MB

7.Skill of Evaluation
a. Pruning Skill of Evaluation 228MB
b. Pruning Skill of Evaluation-Advanced Level 131MB

a. Understanding Adolescents 152 MB
b. Adolescent Love 64.0 MB
c. Addressing Adolescents 59.2 MB
d. Critiquing Adolescents 214 MB

9.Critiquing Pedagogy
a. Scrutiny of Pedagogic Skills 481 MB
b. Pedagogic Appraisal 120 MB
c. Pedagogy In The Limelight 481 MB

10.Attaining Perfection 148 MB

11.Teaching Skills 436 MB

12.Art and Education
a. Art, Artists and Art Forms 317 MB
b. Pruning Perception 30.1 MB
c. Vangogh and Kurosowa 97.8 MB
d. Focus …Focus 1.58 MB
e. Tasks with Painting 5.38 MB
f. The Photographer And The Painter 5.89 MB
g. Defining Elusive Art 121 MB
h. Art & Artists: An Educator’s Perspective 209 MB
i. Art & Artists: An Enquiry 171 MB
j. Art with common objects 2.97 MB

13.Developing Creativity
a. CREATE as Creative Strategy 35.7 MB
b. Developing Creative Skills 28.7 MB
c. Creativity: Liberating Thought 108 MB

14.Exploiting Cartoons For Student-Centred Learning 6.30 MB

15.Communication Skill- An Essential Life Skill 79.2 MB
a. Communication Skill 3.02 MB
b. Video-based Communication Task 43.0 MB
c. One-Minute Speaking Task 279 KB
d. Editing Task 2.22 MB
e. Writing Task 231 KB

16.Decision Making as Life Skill 404 MB
a. Decision Making 3.15 MB
b. Simple Tasks for Decision Making 44.1 MB
c. Video-based Task for Decision Making 311 MB

17.Communication Skill : A Major Soft Skill 337 MB
a. Introduction 2.39 MB
b. What is communication? 92.5 MB
c. Verbal Communication 88.7 MB
d. Communication Task for Speaking and Writing 3.76 MB
e. Nonverbal Communication 13.4 MB
f. Quiz on Nonverbal Communication 1.30 MB
g. Communication Etiquette 40.9 MB

18.Creative Thinking in Science 359 MB
a.Creative Thinking Starter 479 KB
b. What is Creative Thinking 500 KB
c. Introduction to Creativity 26.4 MB
d. Creativity 225 MB
e. Mischief using knowledge of Chemistry 2.32 MB
f. Creativity still ad 568KB
g. Science and Creativity 583 KB
h. Liberating Thought 102 MB

19.Critical Thinking in Science 76.3 MB
a.Critical Thinking 534 KB
b.Expt. Using Magnet to Provoke Critical Thinking10.1 MB
c.Video clips to provoke Critical Thinking 50.4 MB
d.Images to promote Critical Thinking 1.69 MB
e.Critical thinking using Cartoons 1.21 MB
f.Giving scientific reasons 2.03 MB

20. Problem Solving in Science 119 MB
a.Seven Problem Solving Strategies 386 KB
b.Video-based Problem Solving 117 MB
c.Problem Solving Tasks 1159KB

21.Pedagogy Through Cartoons 11.9 MB
a. Pedagogy Through cartoons 261 KB
b. How Cartoons Communciate 928 KB
c. Comment on Social Issue 2.61 MB
d. Comment on Environmental Issue 1.22 MB
e. Identify the Message 2.82 MB
f. Matching with Terms 4.14 MB

22.Problem Solving Strategies 419 MB
a. Introduction 41 MB
b.What are problems? 120 MB
c.What is Problem Solving? 331 KB
d.Scientific Problem Solving 571 KB
e.Seven Strategies of PS 382 KB
f.Group Problem Solving 77MB
g.Quick Problem Solving 71.9 MB
h.Personal Problem Solving 15.8 MB
i.Conclusion 467 KB

23. Role play : An Introduction 4.89 MB

24. Gifted and the Late Bloomers 1.13 GB

25. The Quintessential  of  Giftedness 439 MB

26. The Quintessential  Slow  Bloomer 332 MB

27.  Multiple Intelligence  251 MB
a. Introduction  35.2 MB
b. Illustration 215 MB
c. MI for Education 1.14 MB

28. New Indexes for Indian Educational Renaissance 238 MB

29. Mental Blocks in Creative Thinking 128 MB
30. Critical Thinking for Trainees 227 MB
31. Introduction to Educational Technology 77.1  MB
32. Introduction to Literacy 57.6 MB
33. Expression of   Ideas 382 MB
34. Essential Values  180 MB
35. Teaching with PowerPoint 72.1 MB
36. Introduction to Research 264 MB
 -What is research? 3.82 MB
-Essential Research  Skills .99 MB
-Perception and Critical Thinking 60.6 MB
-Select Tools of Research 196 MB
-Experimental Design 1.62 MB
37. Strategies for teaching E= MC85.8MB
38. Discipline  65.8MB
39. Hard and Soft  Part of Communication skills 71.0 MB
40.Task for critical thinking  316 KB
41.Techno-pedagogic Content Knowledge 948 MB
42. Seven Survival Skills 131 MB
43.Intro to Life Skills in Teacher Education 161 MB

44. Critical Thinking -2015 version

1.What is CT-Basic 7.64MB
2.What is CT-Higher level 8.45 MB
3.What is CT-Videos 46.1 MB
4.Quotes to ponder 714 KB
5.Aout  CT-Word Doc 36.6 KB

Why we need CT  560 KB
1. What CT  does 175 MB
2.What CT involves-1  89 MB
3. What CT involves -2 56 MB
4.Keys to CT   15.1  MB
5. Critiquing Pedagogy 1.05 GB
6.A Model of CT 333KB
1. Print –based 1.17 MB
2. Visual-based 15.3 MB
3. Video-based 166 MB
4.Miscellaneous 685 KB
1.How to become Critical thinker1.24 MB
2.  Join CT community 10.5 KB
45. Introduction to Language Education 398 MB
1.Intro 4.01 MB
2.Basics of Teaching and Learning 20.2 MB
3.Teaching and Learning languages 1.91 MB
4.language Learning Theories 120MB
5.ELT Methods 121 MB
6.Communication 90.9 MB
7.Digital Communication Tasks 38.9 MB

46.Classroom Management 561 MB
A- Teaching  content
Boring effect 37 MB
Boring equations 3.17 MB
Making complex simple 37.1.MB
Kitchen to classroom 44.3 MB
Song as mnemonics 5.58 MB
Association for mnemonics 11.9 MB
Collaborative teaching 11.MB
Creative spark in teaching 28.4 MB
Dealing with accidents in class 16.9 MB
Evoking Critical thinking 7.67 MB
Interactive Teaching 16.9 MB
Testing by reading  48.8 MB
B. Teacher acts
Be stern when you have to be 21.0 MB
Control  your  temper 2.17 MB
Dealing with mischief 1.84 MB
Gems that lay hidden  25.4 MB
Issues of quality 31.1 MB
Never be fastidious 12.4 MB
Pranks that disrupt 21.6 MB
Rote  learning kills  9.64 MB
When discipline kills creativity  45.4 MB
Avoid excessive intervention  5.52 MB

C.Handling learner behaviour
Brick in the wall perception 28.1 MB
Dealing with bullies   13.9 MB
Dealing with love mongers 6.08 MB
Dealing with the naughty 13.6 MB
Information overload  5.41  MB
Prank on teachers 4.69 MB
Rethinking student response 952 KB
When learner is more educated 8.96 MB
When students change role 6.23 MB

D. Considering learner background
Issues galore 38.6 MB
Children react 22.4 MB
47. Memory Game 1.80MB

48. Problems requiring solution 787 KB

Training Modules (2016)
49.Non-verbal communication  43 MB
50.Critical Thinking 19.9 MB
51.Decision Making 43.6MB
52.Problem Solving 28.5 MB

53. Script Writing for audio and video programmes 605 MB

54. Critical thinking with visuals 3.87 MB

D. Sociology of Education

1.Education 174 MB
2.Sociology 205 MB
3.Sociology of Education 85.6 MB
4.Social security 48.4 MB
5.Social wellness 31.1 MB
6.Social progress 104 MB
7.Social sustenance 100MB
8.Social transformation 120 MB
9.Millenieum Development Goals 94.6 MB
10.Social equity 83.1 MB
11.Social equality 11.8 MB
12.Sociological Method 3.15 MB
13.AmartyaSen 94.1 MB
14.Pitrim A. Sorokin 16.9 MB
15.Karl Popper 114 MB
16.Ferdinand Tonnies 173 MB
17.Jergen Habermas 108 MB
18.Daisaku Ikeda 87.9 KB
19.Max Weber 133 MB
20.Semiotics 290 MB
21.Philosophy and Sociology 155 MB
22.Social Anthropology 132 MB
23.Metanarrative 164 MB
24.Modernism  28.7MB
25.Post Modernism 219 MB
26.Positivism,Anti-,Post Positivism449 MB
27.Functionalism 58.5 MB
28.Structuralism 97.6MB

29.Post  Structuralism 87.2 MB

E. Multimedia materials for Lecture

a. Introduction to Film Grammar 112 MB
b. Film Aesthetics 1.17GB
c. Film and Communication 146 MB
d. Documentary Film: Script Writing & Production 1.34 GB
e. Papers mentioned in http://elteducationabstracts.blogspot.com/

F. Miscellaneous
a. Quiz : Philosophers on Education 2.96 MB
b. Quiz: On Education with Concept Maps  4.25 MB
c. Dining Etiquette 26.5 MB
d. Errors during interview  964 KB
e. What the face says 46.6 MB
f.  Addressing Sexual Harassment 356 MB
g.World Disability Day 27.1 MB
h. International Yoga Day 131MB
i.World Environment Day