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UGC Minor Research Project 2016

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Research-based work  completed and findings  Presented at Conferences/ Seminars

On  Education

A1.Linguistic Tasks and PC Generated Film Clips to aid HR
A2.Ensuring Engagement Through Ad. Critiquing In Mixed
      Ability Classes
A3.Kanavu’…Swan Song For Alternative Schooling?
     –An Investigation
A4.Transforming Digital Language Labs: Report of
      an Innovative Venture
A5.Online Videos for Knowledge Processing- A Study
A6.Blended Learning Experiment
A7.Pruning Through Negation: An Innovative Modelling Strategy
A8.Blended Delivery : Integrating Communication Skills & ICT
A9.Pedagogic Grooming via Silver Screen 
A10.Shockvertising in Print Media: A  Minor Reception Study
A11.Emerging Literacies and Yawning Gaps in
       Teacher Education- A Case Study
A12.Fusing Video Modelling with Micro Teaching. 
A13.Precincts Preventing Dyslexia
      -A Local Community-based Inquiry
A14.Using Online resources for value sensitization
A15. Emerging Literacies and Teacher Education
A16. Teacher Education Colleges, SCERT and Quality
A17. Soft and Hard part of Communication Skills
A.18. Value Sensitization Through Internet Resources: An Experimental Study on Teacher Trainees 
A.19. Revision To Content Generation- An   m-Learning Experiment
A 20. Sensitizing  Pedagogic Perspective Through Short Films-A Study.
A21. Film-based Research- Deficient or Defunct Practices?-An Explorative Study 
A22. Fostering Values Through YouTube Videos- A Minor Study

B1. Audio-Visual Media for Communicative Activities 
B2.CLT Through Teacher-made Video 
B3.Priming English Language Skills  of  Digital Natives:
       A techno-based ELT Strategy
B4.Animations To Animate Language Use
B5. Nurturing Creativity in the ESL Classroom Using Films 
B6.The CQC Text - An Innovative Approach To Pruning
      Future Jurists 
B7.Tapping the Thrill: Activity-based Teaching Using
      Bond Film Trailers
B8.Adapting James Bond Film Clips for Pruning the
     Skill of Evaluation
B9.Language Refinement Through Native Faculty Immersion- A
      Local CLT Experiment
B10.An Examination of ELT Issues in God’s Own Country
B11.Pic Tasks For Chit Chat 
B12.A Survey Probing Qualities Essential For Teachers
       of English and its   Implication for Teacher Education 
B13.Visual Prompts to Nurture Writing Skills –A Study
B14.Pruning and Publishing Student Writing 
B15.Music Videos for ELT-A Multimedia Exercise 
B16.Chip and Connect-An innovative Approach To Teaching Poetry
B.17.Language Generation in Adult Learners                                                             Using Print Media Visuals
B.18. Tapping Humour  From Digital Texts In A Spoken English Course
B.19. Case  Study of Online  English  Teacher Professional  Development
B.20. Text  To Context Through Multimedia: An  Exploration of Pedagogical Possibilities


C1.Problems in the Use of Information &
      Communication Technology 
C2.Teacher as Materials Producer: Computer-based Tasks for
       Communicative Language Teaching.
C3.Linguistic Reconstruction of Digital Images : An Innovative
      Approach to Language Enrichment 
C4. Honing Trainee Writing Skills Through ICT-based
       Immersion Programme 
C5. Marshalling Student Capability Through Knowledge-Centric
       Web Critiquing- A Study 
C6.Digital Concept Maps to Aid Revision- A  Study
C7.Click Button Publishing: A Teacher Educator’s Weblog
C8.Fostering Values Through YouTube Videos
C9. Content Generation Through an m-learning experiment
C10.Short Films and Pedagogic Perspective
C11. Learning Project in the Connectivist mode
C12. Digital Knowledge Packaging.
C13. Whatsapp  Unplugged for Content Revision- A Minor Study
C14. Social Media and eating disorder
C15. A critique of popular apps for autism
C16. Media Literacy Skills in  BEd Trainees: A Minor Study
C.17. Our march towards  Virtual Schools-  A reality check

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